Born and raised in greater Minnesota, I wear my Midwestern upbringing like a well-used flannel on a sub-zero winter afternoon, that is to say: comfortably and with confidence. Those influential stomping-grounds I call home contribute largely to many people’s first impression of me (at least I hope), including my can-do/will-do attitude and 'let me get that' eagerness to help. True to the ‘Minnesota nice’ culture we’re so affectionately gifted, I pride myself on my general kindness to others, because frankly, there isn’t a scenario you could describe to me where a little kindness doesn’t go a long way.

I attribute my most notable social strengths (my most prized, no coincidence) and my pointed moral compass to my parents. Charismatic a la my father, and empathic a la my mother, I wouldn’t be the social creature I am without employing the skills that they've engrained in me. Morally, they guided me by simplifying the equation: be good to people, and they’re likely to be good to you – a lesson that has served me well in my 26 years.

Enough with the self-presentation, let's focus on the self-promoting. I've been fortunate to land myself a handful of hirable skills, the foremost of which leave me poised (much to my excitement) to garner employment in the arts. Most commonly this takes the form of photography, acting, and writing, in that particular order. If it just so happens that you could use a professionally behaving, success oriented, and uniquely talented person such as myself for whatever you-name-it project you've got hanging in the balance, I strongly encourage you to bring me on board. I can guarantee, thanks to year's worth of being on-set, behind a lens, and glued to a computer screen, that you won't regret working with me.